Map Project "Dam" Update 2


inhales some fresh Hoozer


Well, it’s finished

I finished the Dam

And here are some pictures of it

Map Overview.

You may have already noticed that there’s cover and that the middle has more stuff

Here are more pics

Phantom / Ghost Sides. Now with more cover

Phantom / Ghost Side Undergrounds. Now with much more cover

Ghost and Phantom Spawns. Now they have both roof access and more entrances, as you can see.

New Pipeline

Middle of the Map. Now with Catwalks, bridges and stuff.

That’s all for this post. I will update on it when anything important happens. As always, here’s the link

Until Next Time…

Hoozer Mix effects disappear


Why don’t you post this in your other topic about the same map and don’t make spams


Not bad, not bad at all.


We don’t get 40 new threads an hour, I think the activity is nice honestly.

This map is coming along quite nicely


Holy shit that looks nice.


Just saying, from the looks of it the center seems REALLY wide open. If you ever update the map (which I hope you do), maybe add some stuff in there for cover.

Another thing with cover, those two bridges that go parallel across the map look like they would be ass gameplay wise. There is barely any bridge-to-bridge cover from what I can see. I think you assume that everyone is just going to focus on their own bridge. But that won’t be the case. Anyone on the bridges will nearly always be fighting two on one, or even worse, three on one.

Other than that, the sides and interior of the map look balanced enough.

Good work son, you made me proud. :sunglasses::+1:


not bad tbh




Everyone will say this is good if it comes out in real game: HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE MOST UNBALENCED MAP EVER


Oof, good particles.
Changing up some cover, reducing part count, adding details.


Don’t have many pictures right now (I assumed poodros was gonna make a new post about it so I didn’t really bother), but theres been tons of progress and reworks


A question, what happens if you fall into the water?


you drown because the kraken is there


But its an insta rank up if you kill it, right?


Yes but it has 1 million health


Kill barrier


Instant drowning skills.


late as crap but has this been accepted?


It was Reservoir man lol


This map has been pushed to the test place under the name Reservoir