[Mall Revamp & M45A1's Return] Test place - MP1911 and M45A1 + Mosin Scope [Test place news #10]


That’s it, I’m making a suggestion thread for a good and hard way to get the M45A1.

I want it so bad now.


This actually makes me mad, while every pistol has the same Glock animation, they give a dev only gun its own animation (reload rebellion)


Pretty much (almost) the whole point I started this:


if this gun stays rank 350 my compooter is going out the window along with my sanity…


Since the CTE, they put weapons they don’t want abused a very high rank, Mosin Nagant was Rank 900.

They said they wanted the M45A1 dev only and are trying to make a way to hide the gun for us, the public.
But why they put it on Rank 350 and no longer Dev Only, is unknown to me.

If they suddently put on an update on Phantom Forces, saying that it was all a joke, adding the M45A1 for public, I’m gonna be so happy.


Osprey suppressor now available for the M45A1.


And KRISS Vector too


And UMP-45 too.


basically all .45 ACPs?


wtf is an osprey suppressor…


The wiki lied to me, There’s no Osprey Suppressor on the UMP-45.
Only Vector and M45A1.


hUMP does not deserve a suppressor of Osprey standards! krispy velcro and m$% are good with them c:


Yeah, I don’t like the UMP either.


@Darkman_Bree @SuperNova_wOlfy

you’re both disgraces to me

you cant appreciate a powerful .45 ACP unlocked at rank 6!



But the MP40 will overpower it ;(


As a gun nut i’m pissed


sends u to malay prison


Is tru


Rank 5