[Mall Revamp & M45A1's Return] Test place - MP1911 and M45A1 + Mosin Scope [Test place news #10]


They might’ve meant in the testplace.


I personally PM’d Toothless asking about it.


The dragon’s eyes :joy:


Yeah, that dragon is sad too.


The M45A1 would be useless in the main game, since it looks like a modernized M1911.


What about AK-47 and AKM?


One bullet in a mag for trolls.


The crap, Test place is closed down for visitors.


;-; rip us


@Maniac7609 is cool it’s stardude you need to learn against.


Maybe they are adding in new weapons :smiley: (heh, doubt it ;-; )


The M45A1 is back!
And it’s no longer Dev Only! (But it’s Rank 350)

You can try it out in the New Test Place, idk why.
I heard Mall Revamp is there aswell.



But why though…the player base can’t even test it now…


Idk, ask the devs?

I’m already glad that it isn’t Dev only anymore.

I swear, if this gets added as Rank 350, I will grind credits for it, I’m not gonna patiently wait for Rank 350, Even though I’m halfway there (Rank 179)




It’s still dev only, the new test place just can’t hide guns yet.

Think about it

Auw, I just want the M45A1.


StyLiS clould as well slam “postmanSAM only” on the m45


And the big void at the back of the mall revamp map is no more yay


M45 animations:

Damnit, I want it more now that those are the animations :c