[Mall Revamp & M45A1's Return] Test place - MP1911 and M45A1 + Mosin Scope [Test place news #10]


I put this Mosin Scope in the Test place news


Is the vcoc 6x still available on the moist nugget and orbeez?


I don’t know, Spongo gave me his Mosin.
I don’t have it unlocked.


That thing souds gud


The 1858 is real. It’s just old as shit


Updated OP post to add a colored picture of the MP1911 since I unlocked it now (Yes I did)
And added the Mosin scope.


Is there a stock for it?


dats kool


Its testing for them too


No, there is not, sorry.

Coyote Sight
Mini Sight
Delta Sight
Full Ring Sight
Half Ring Sight

Flash Hider
Muzzle Brake


I heard from Hypo’s twitch about an Osprey Suppressor for the M45A1 coming…


Wait wait wait, there’s a new one?

I thought it was sill just the Rex lmao


That’s a shame. I want to make it look like an SMG…


Hello I am new here and I do not know how to create a new topic but i have seen 2 noclippers in game. One of them is name chepe_lol


If you made an account purely to report one child, you’ve wasted your time. But if you want to report you can report to the StyLis bot in the StyLis discord. Be sure to read the rules and instructions too.


Alright but I wasn’t kidding about that chepe_lol is noclipper


I didn’t say I never believed you…


Welcome to the server don’t shitpost, and don’t be a @Maniac7609 ( no offence to maniac)




Yes!! eversince i saw a vid of the mp1911 which irl, is so cool i was so into it although this might be a different version it is still super cool and sexy acutaldillengerlebman3


Sad news, I heard that the M45A1 is gonna stay Dev Only forever ;(

I hope they lied.