[Mall Revamp & M45A1's Return] Test place - MP1911 and M45A1 + Mosin Scope [Test place news #10]



-----> https://youtu.be/MozUVNg_5YI <-----


-----> https://youtu.be/dKxdrfdsoPo <-----

PU Scope

Wanna try out the new M45A1, MP1911 and PU Scope in the test place?
Click this:

Test place - MG3KWS, PPSH-41 and MP40 (+2 Returning pistols) [Test place news #11]

Hell yeah! Finally some more unique pistols.


45-21 damage on a machine pistol isnt that a little too much? 2 or 3 bullets per kill from a machine pistol with 15 rounds?



looks delicious


recoil is really high though. 0.5 Y max. Higher than some assault rifles. (wrong gun thought it was the machine pistol)


Thread updated with M45A1 picture and MP1911 video.


The M45A1 is the modern version of the M1911. Frankly, I find that really bad. Once again shall the pistols section be diluted.
But yes, the MP1911 is an automatic M1911.


Exactly, and unlike the tec-9 it might be actually aimable.


Does the MP1911 feature a stock?


I didn’t get to see the attachments, so I don’t know.

I can answer it once I have enough credits to buy it. (and I am no living right now)


Devs, what’s the fucking point of making a test place if you have to BUY THE GUNS, YOU GUYS ARE TURNING INTO FUCKING EA RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT


It doesn’t matter. The test place resets your data, including your credits…


No we’re fucking not lmao. MP1911 isn’t even remotely close to being tested, it was put in so we could test a bug-fix for its sights. Chill the fuck out with your caps lock rage.


I just want another revolver. You know, one that is actually real.


Pretty sure the new army IS real. I’ve seem it’s design before


M1911 is superior to the MP1911. I’m still questioning why we need an auto M1911.


Rip dev only weapons


Oh no, don’t say they’re gone again.

EDIT: They’re still here, phew.


I managed to steal another M45A1 and I recorded the sound!!


Damn, now I see why it’s admin only.