Make objectives transparent while ADSing


So, lots of time in PF. You rush for the objective. If there is someone right by the objective, usually the billboard gui will block the view and mess up your sight line. I am proposing a system like R6S where when you aim, the billboard gui will become transparent/smaller.

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100% YES. Let’s also add the option to hide teammate names while ADS too.


Would consider ‘FAL’ option as ‘Yes’.




there sheer amount of times I had to abort an ADS hold because the objective name was getting in the way is ridiculus.


There are a few problems with this suggestion.

I doubt this is actually possible. You said it yourself, the Billboard GUI will become transparent/smaller, but I’m almost certain these changes will commence for every player since it isn’t a User Interface which is unique for every player. Such changes to the objectives would also be seen by every other player.

This is a bit unfair to those who hip-fire. Yes, they choose to play that way, so it’s only their fault, but that’s a bit harsh. If you were able to get this working, the objective should become transparent for when the player looks at it rather than ADS and look at it.

This also counts as a problem because I’m losing respect (if any) for 56% of people who voted.


First thing, read up on filtering enabled, not only that then PF’s first person would be impossible, and third person animations impossible. Also the FN FAL is only there cause a lot of people use it. And it’s better than not having any object transparency at all. Beside’s when you hipfire your not going for perfect shots. Also it’s when you ads, not when you ads and look at it.


Regardless, it should be when you objectively look at it. It shouldn’t be determined by whether or not a player aims down sight, but rather at a time where it would, in fact, get in the way.

I don’t give a shit. Its irrelevance is an awful excuse for a bad joke. Your reasoning for it isn’t any better, either. Given that a majority of people commit to rape, would you then follow that? As fallacious as that may be, that is the garbage reasoning you provided me.


of course we would, that is simply how most communities work

if a majority of something does something that leads to the newcomers also doing that “something”, and thus the majority grows higher and higher until you find the entire community doing that one thing, whether or not the newcomers would have done it outside of the community in question.

fn fal for life noob


Did you seriously just agree with my obvious use of a fallacy? After all, I did say that

I’ll admit, it was stupid of me to do such a thing, but I compared something minor to something major; A faulty analogy.

Regardless, you lack one major factor; punishment. For why should we commit to something that someone else is doing despite having knowledge that pleasure will be thrown out of balance? Further, what is to say those who commit to such a crime had any idea of said punishment? People have their reason for rape, which others cannot claim they have, thus it is illogical for us to ever consider committing to it because someone else did it. That was the unclear point I was trying to draw out.

Back to the point of FN FAL, the fallacy should now be clear. Punishment is not a factor of StyLis Studios’ biggest dad joke, hence why I propose it. But why?

FN FAL jokes are seen in a lot of topics, some going as far as to entirely new topics in which get taken down fairly quickly. This is because it has already been submitted as a suggestion. Users will attempt to fit in a request for the FN FAL for whatever reason. Such motive is overruled by the repetition of threads. We’ve seen many times in the past that similar topics will be merged into an initial thread with others taken down and unlisted. It is also clear that such joke has taken a toll on the poll.


I’m fairly certain that people who took the poll seriously ignored the meme that was consecutively:

  • Suggested
  • Rubbed into developers’ faces
  • Ignored
  • Used as a joke
  • Butchered
  • Run over by a train
  • Thrown on the highway
  • Cooked in an oven
  • Stomped on by elephants
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  • Used as a joke

I and many others are annoyed that this joke has gone as far as it did. It’s like a 28-year-old man who still finds “Yo Mama” jokes funny after telling them to their friends every day for 20 years, except this one got old after 2 months for me.

My point is pretty clear at this point; the joke has died of old age and its corpse still being used for stupid jokes and references on this site.

TL;DR: Rape is bad, don’t do rape. FN FAL jokes are bad, don’t do FN FAL jokes.


(sorry if I’m taking this out of context)

It’s not illogical, I’m simply stating that if rape were legal, and a bunch of people started doing it, it would catch on quickly with younger people who don’t realize it’s wrong.

Similar with the FN FAL jokes; as far as I know, no action has been taken against them, so people continue putting them in random threads where they don’t belong (including me XDDD i’m funny) regardless of the fact that it probably won’t be added after all this deal about it.


The first problem is here. Never was it “if rape were legal”, but “if rape was common”. I can see how you took it out of context considering how this topic is pretty much going from argument to argument. What you’re saying is true, but is off topic.

I’m surprised for the most part; that people still tolerate it.

Just because there is no punishment does not mean that is not a bad thing. Again, rape is a bad thing. If it became legal, as you said, its occurrence would become more frequent, but that doesn’t prevent it from ever being bad.


@Toothless @Corgi_Operator @Veteran15837
This thread has gone nowhere and is now starting to sprinkle in rape conversation. Please shut this down before it goes any further


Derailed thread. I really expected better from you @Torush1. We don’t need a debunk on rape stuff in here.