Macnado, the Macaroni machine Mac 10

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What does everyone think about the Maccoroni machine, the Mac 10? In my opinion, its a god gun. You run hella fast, and the fire rate shreds everyone. Little recoil makes this gun really good in CQC, and throw a flash hider on there and you can see everything. What do you guys think of this loadout for my Mac?

Sight: Kobra sight
Barrel: Flash hider
Other: Green laser


PPSH-41 is better


It’s very strong.

I wouldn’t mind a nerf to it.



shut the fucking fuck up bot


I wish it played more like the MP7. Reduce the damage, extend the stock and have a lower-damage low-recoil spray down machine.


??? Stock? From what i knew, the Mac 10 didn’t have a stock :stuck_out_tongue:


ppsh and vector is master race, mac-10 is a cheap pheasant


I use it interchangeably between the PP, MP7, and vector.


ok so you don’t know the thing that blocks the rear sight
and yes im a gun triggered


extend oblivion


Yeah. The MAC-10 has a folding stock. image


all we need is that sweet SONICS suppressor


nah i know what you mean. I knew it had a folding stock, but i didn’t know that there was one in game. I think that would be cool if added, and the strap at the bottom, almost like the 33rd mag and stuff for the glock.


no stop


pls no


that was fast af


gotta go fast???



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