M4A1 Buff/Problems


I believe the M4A1 is completely under-powered compared to it’s siblings in the AR family. It does lower damage compared to the M16A3, M16A4, M4, and even the Honeybadger. It’s incapable of 3 shotting at close range (body shots), and has a decreased rate of fire compared with every other weapon but the Honeybadger. I think for a buff, it should have a higher rate of fire, around 850-900 RPM as the weapon is capable of. Thoughts?


That’s because it is the first gun you unlock, and the guns get progressively better as you rank up. The way the game was developed there are direct upgrades to certain guns, so that higher level players have the reward of having more powerful guns. That was how it was made.


Actually… no. The M4 is the first unlock.


The M4A1 is a carbine, so it shouldn’t be as powerful as its AR counterparts. It’s meant to be more of an all-around gun. That aside, it doesn’t do it’s purpose as well compared to the M16A3, as you stated.

While a fire-rate buff would be generally acceptable, I would vote against it, because that would overshadow the M4. Yes, it would still be incapable of a 3 burst kill, but it would feel more like an auto M4, and while it technically is, this change would mold the two playstyles together.

What I might suggest is a higher chest/headshot multiplier. I can’t see how this would fix it, but it just seems like an easy way to balance it out. Either that, or decrease the muzzle velocity on the M4 to give it a more close-range feel, making the M4A1 the victor in mid range fights. Just a suggestion, again, feel free to shut it down.


I think giving it less velocity, with the higher fire rate would at least make it a bit more reasonable to use.


m4a1 underpowered compared to m4a1 loloololoolololol


Good job. You found a mistype.


thoinks fam but seriously what do you mean are we talking about the m4


I’m saying the M4A1 doesn’t stack up to the M4


oh i kinda agree


i think that it’s fine…


Tou see grandpa the m4A1 also uses 5.56 mm nato rounds so the damage shoukdnt be that low compared to the m16 classes,it should be just less accurate compared to them knowing it’s barrel os much shorter