Looking for some Decent M4A1 Classes


I’ve heard about how “Versatile” the M4A1 is in many setups, and I’ve only used one setup with it. Anybody have some setups that they use on the M4A1 that they like to share?


This one only applies to the CTE, but its ridiculously effective.

(Sight of your choice)

Muzzle Booster

Stubby Grip

20 Round STANAG

Run around like Sanic with 10% faster rate of fire.


Mind to tell us?

I like the Coyote Sight, Compensator, Angled Grip, and Green Laser. It’s decent. This is coming from a guy that’s got 194 kills with the gun, so don’t take this to seriously.


Oh, no worries! Here’s my setup,

  • (Coyote Sight)
  • (Flash Hider)
  • (Vertical Grip)
  • (Green Laser)

Normally, I’d just use the gun without any attachments, but if I wanted to apply any modifications this would be my go to setup.


Wait, Why Flash Hider? That’s weird. Never seen someone use that load out.


Vcog canted delta and a vertical grip


Flash Hider removes the muzzle flash from the M4A1’s high ROF. Makes it easier to see apart from the CQC Range Coyote Sight. I didn’t slap a PBS or suppressor because with the Vertical Grip and Green Laser giving me decent statistics in Stability and Hipfire, I wouldn’t want to reduce damage to the weapon.


Use the M4. Better in every regard. Go with Flash hider, Coyote, Angled grip, and green laser.


I think a good ass load out is the acog iron sight stuby grip and comppensator


Nothing. Boom. Done.


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I use this on all AR15 weapons…

Iron Sight
Angled Grip
Green Laser


You’d be surprised to hear I don’t run anything on my M4A1 besides a Vertical grip. The weapon’s Aiming Accuracy is so stable, that you don’t need to worry a thing about it. I mostly don’t run sights, due to the fact the M4A1’s front Iron-Sight doesn’t get taken off, it really blocks the vision of most sights (for me at least), despite the reticle being aligned with the sight. Compensators, Suppressors, or even Flash-Hiders are situational for me, I only use them depended on ranges of combat. The Vertical Grip is extensively useful for Hipfire, something the gun owns a lot of, but is still pretty-decent with a slight boost of Hip-Fire Accuracy.


Lasers help too in hipfire…

In my experience, I’m more confident to hipfire when I have a laser on…

It also boost hipfire stability, which makes things 10× better


no sight
no grip
20 round stanag


M4. All I have to say. I 'd rather use that than the M4A1.


Ew, Burst over Automatic


Higher Dps, auto noob


:unamused: I… I’m not an auto noob


The only reason m4 has the possibility of being better is because it’s burst. Every time you shoot a burst on m4, the recoil animation gets interrupted. This means if you can time your bursts at the right speed, you will not only be shooting basically a stream of bullets like an automatic, but you will also have 0 recoil regardless of attachments.

I’m not gunna say m4 is better cuz m4a1 is technically more accurate stats wise, but knowing the m4 burst trick makes it slightly better.


Ah, I see!