lArekan sound file adventures


I decided to take a trip to the sound files uploaded onto lArekan account, and I decided to bring you some of the more interesting sounds.

This ones called uzi and its the MP5 sound, so either this wasn’t renamed or there was an Uzi planned at one point.

Theres an engine sound in here, and I don’t think it was for derivable vehicles, I think its just for ambiance.

Theres a whole series of sounds that were once in a test version of the game, but were never seen again, and no one else mentioned it. This is my metaphorical bigfoot tape to prove I’m not insane.

These sounds hint at some sort of rolling mechanic, but I think theyre were gonna be used for something else, like a body falling on the ground or something like that.

Return of the Fists?
Now as some of us remember, In the CTE days there were the fists as a melee. Now this is interesting because these sounds were uploaded in January of this year, and the fists were in the CTE almost a year ago. Does this mean we might have the fists returning (hopefully)?
Theres also multiple sets of punching sounds for swinging and hitting.


There are several sounds for ambiance such as wind, birds, trees, etc. The CTE devs have shown interest in adding ambiance so maybe they tested it but something didn’t work? Who knows.

Suggestion: Evolution Part 7 "The HUD and the Main Menu"

I want the Uzi now!


dude i want ambient sounds along with menus sounds


He’s working on another game, so some of the sounds are also partially used for it. What that game is? It’s basically dead, due to what the devs did to it.


Sometimes the sounds are labeled, sometimes they aren’t. Even then they aren’t always lumped together so a PF sound could be right next to something unrelated.

Kinda had to make educated guesses.


well for the “devs” it was a different development group he worked with. Not affiliated with StyLis.