Knife durability


You do realize bf4 has this in there game.



Because then we would need weapons durability for snipers.

Just do what everyone else does, and grow a spine, and deal with the melees. Might as well get some yourself.


It’s either you fight back with a melee or use a fast firing weapon /shotgun


I mean tbh if you have a durability in melees, you defeat the purpose of back up weapons.

And if you want to put durability on knife, hell yeah I’d dare you to put durability on guns too, like Minecraft or Unturned.

And then once your gun breaks or your knife break, you are totally full of defence. You totally have Kevlar armor on and you can totally fight back

TL;DR: go back to Minecraft




Because, guns don’t break after you use 3 mags


I don’t like it. We don’t need concepts like this in a boots on the ground FPS like PF. That’s just my opinion though.


no. due to the fact that it makes no sence


You see, a game/round in PF is 15 minutes, so this would mean that you would have to wait 2/3’s of a round to use your melee again. Waiting 20 minutes would mean that you would have to wait for 1 1/3 of a PF round. This sounds a little too excessive but maybe durability resets when you die by another person? That sounds more balanced? Though durability would make absolutely NO sense in PF. And like MrGarfield26 has said,

So this would mean that for it to be balanced, you would also have to give guns durability. Which would mean that it would be it impossible to have very high KDR’s ingame, like people would have to sacrifice theirselves to the enemy just to start using weapons again.


Excellent counter-argument


bf4 doesnt?


why not make it battle scarred and if its battle scarred u cant use it and u have to pay 1000R$


Because lito need to keep his crunchy roll subscription…


Can I just say “no u” is a joke, so you can’t offend anybody with it.



Hmmmm, interesting concept with the durability. If this suggestion were to be added, the system will have to be completely reworked.

I do agree with other posts stating that if the knives have durability, other weapons must have them as well.

Melee fighters do have one weakness that can be exploited: range.
Put at least 30 studs distance between them. That should be enough distance unless you have really high ping.


insert killed from 30 studs by karambit [R] image


this introduces variety in the game
no, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself, simply pick up someone else’s weapon and fight with that.

not agreeing with gun durability for everyone, but it could be something the server votes on similar to vote-kick (which will almost definitely make it only relevant for VIP servers)

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