Knife durability


Now this is a idea to melee. Knife durability would be a neat way to nerf melee with out a big impact. Now the melee would lose 5 durability per kill but 2 durability per swing. If the knife breaks you must wait 10 minutes for it to be repaired and if you die with it on your person and it gets taken it takes 20 minutes for a new one. When it gets taken or it breaks text will appear in chat saying (user) must wait (10 or 20 minutes) now if you are wondering about durability it will be placed in reserve. 1 handed blades will have 60 durability, 2 handed blades have 80 durability, 1 handed blunt will have 70 durability, and 2 handed blunt will have 90 durability. If you have any judgement or opinions just comment them.

Here is a challenge

i lik dis


I’m actually okay with this


I personally don’t like this option, but compared to what we have currently?
I’d take this.
IMO, every single melee in should just have a massive damage nerf.


I feel like this is a bit extreme but it isn’t a bad idea. Instead of durability being the knifes health, how about durability would be a damage decreaser. Meaning going on long streaks with knifes will become harder, and harder.


Does durability reset each match?


I highly doubt they would make you buy every knife any time you want to use it


HELL YES. Fucking get rid of the knifers!


oh ;-;


yeyeyeye add this stylis get rid of knife tryhards


… who can dodge your potato aim as a high rank.


Now, completely stopping knifers is easy. You must get atleast 5 kills with a gun each round otherwise you can not use a knife in the next round :wink:

this is a joke


It sounds like a good idea but i dont think it would work. I’ve played may fps may it be mobile or pc and when knife durability or gun durability was implemented it basically ruined the game although if i could add a my two cents in i would say if possible the pf dev’s could implement a system where u can make ur own game rules like no knives, snipers only, pistol only, no shotguns that in my opinion would make pf stand out from most other fps and also different game mode like gun game, ffa, etc.




i think this isn’t that great of an idea
why give one set of weapons “durability” but have everything else not?
also i severely doubt this would be accepted




I thought there were very little good suggestions left for this game.
I thought wrong.


I’d say no, it’s like minecraft


So rip knife only challenges


or maybe just lower the damage and remove melee headshots