Keep knta busy

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equip boots
equip dagger


you rolled a 5, you are nearing the town darkman left




you rolled a 3, you are in town


Fyi, things that can be done in town:

ore smelting

material selling

sleep (unkillable)

eat (regain health)

and more


check out the elixir at doctor
look at available weapons


@knta12 !increase accuracy+range
after !search area
after !roll 1


your range has increased by .5 accuracy has been increased by .8

you continued to search the plains for darkman, but he wasn’t anywhere near

you rolled a 4, you are coming up to a lone house


you took the elixir to the witchdocter… and it turns out to be a potent poison, able to infect upon contact. it was returned in a heavy canvas bag

weapon inventory: x1 stone sword, x1 worn dagger


@knta12 !search house



    stores to buy from:
   > outfitter
   > weaponsmith
   > scholar
   > crazy harold


you found out that a widow and her kids live there


   > move on
   > ask to stay the night
   > talk to the mother






items avalible for purchase

> weapon smith: Flintlock : 400 gold

> huntsman knife : 50 gold


> Sell items


leather overwears: 130 gold

iron armor : 375 gold



she hearded her kids inside and locked the door once she saw your rifle

break the door down

pass by


!knock on the door


if gold Slip around 20 under door
if not pass by