Keep knta busy

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you rolled a 5, you are now 2 spots from phantomdj


!check magazine of my 1858 New Army revolver that I found earlier.

(How many bullets do I have?)


No need for bullets. There just there


You mean I can’t use it? :frowning:


no, u can use it, but ammo is just infinite, u just have to reload


Oohh yeeaa
Evil face


@knta12 search chest


you looked in the chest darkman left behind, but nothing was left but if is seated lopsided

you looked under, and found 35 gold

there is a rustling in the bushes


HA! I always double che…


Oh that’s it!
!roll 4
I will find sutton and use my 1858 New Army!

Scavenging Darkman is now Hunter Darkman!


you rolled a -11, you backtracked… and you are 2 spots behind sutton


What a perfect RNG!
Am I in range to fire on that gold thief we call sutton?



i mean, go for it

darkman fired his revolver at sutton9000


:smiley: Revenge is sweet.


@sutton9000 was shot by darkman. sutton is now recovering in the starting town


@knta12 knock out darkman bree with G3


you are back in the starting town, it’s like when u black out in pokemon games, he’s in the forest


roll 1


you rolled a 1, you are at the entrance of the forest


!search area


nothing to search, the town is too close, but there is a man walking by