Keep knta busy

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only firearms are flintlocks, revolvers and long rifles. coach guns too


his clothes weren’t salvageable, due to being blood soaked from his blunt force tramua wound,

but the items that were taken are:

x300 gold

x1 dagger

x1 set of soilder boots

x2 bandages

x1 unknown elixer, take this to the witchdocter in the nearest town to find out, distance to next town : 8 spaces (you can roll more than one die)


!help “What can all do with Wood?”



wood can be used for logs, given to the weapons smith for gold in extange, and can be used for torches


(And I hope I arrive to the weapon smith, I want to earn my gold)


you rolled a 3, you are next to sutton9000


It’s time!

What? You thought I was gonna murder him? I need better weapons first.


he has nothing to trade, distance to town:8 spots


!emote Angry_Face to Sutton9000


you know you can roll more than one die right

you rolled a 6, you are now 1 spot behind phantomdj

oh wait, whats this? you see a sparkling thing in the bushes…

it’s a teir 2 chest (u are a lucky one with the rng), u can open it or leave it



Evil face

Oooooh? Sparkly sparkly.

I’m gonna use 2 commands at once :smiley:
!kiss loot


you opened the teir 2 chest and found…

(one fat rng later)

a (1858)revolver? (wtf u have some serious luck)

you kissed the revolver


and u can use !roll = 1 die rolled

!roll 2

!roll 3


!roll 4


Dear god, I have 0 regrets kissing a 1858 New Army, Me likey.

!roll 3


you rolled a 16, here are your options

skip the town, and head out onto the plains

stop in the town, but lose the 8 extra spaces


What can I do in those places?

Like, what can I do/get in the Plains or the Town?


brb going to lunch


!steal Lunch from knta12

Oh and I choose the Town, probably the smartest choice.



and no my lunch isnt any good


@knta12 roll 1