Keep knta busy

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I call hax.


negative die are possible




!roll 1


what the hell but ok
!view inventory


!cut wood using hands

(From trees that didn’t get burned)


You rolled a 3, you are approching a notorius hotspot for theifs


You teied to play minecraft here,but all you could do was scrape and cut your hands


x1 stone sword

100 gold


How do I get ores then if I can’t cut wood for tools?

Oh wait!

!use stone_sword to cut wood


you obtained x70 wood


Yes, finally!

!craft crafting_table




you rolled a 4,

     you have been confronted by a theif


     > give gold
     > flee


this isnt minecraft,

but, to help you out, your sticks have been given to the weaponsmith




you swung your sword at the theif, but, with it being made from stone, the heavy swing caused you to swing very hard, and now the theif is bleeding on the floor

                    >take his gold

                    > help him
                    >finish him

                    >leave him


take all things
finish him


But, what do I do then? ;(
I just want to get some metals for better weapons ;(

Wait, is there a FAL in this game?


go to smith, I think