Keep knta busy

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Will I need to re-do commands?


you rolled a 3,

a theif has appeared


shoot her

stab her


give items




you worked at the genaeral store for the weekend and made 50 gold

balance: 72 gold


she brings you a cup of coffee, and starts yacking about how the world is a dark place.




you fatally shot the young girl


loot her body

move on

hide the body




Gotta loot her.


you found

x1 small knife

x25 gold

a note from her mother, reading: stay safe, my child


Oh god no…


Hmm… I might want to join this thread.

!View inv.

!Roll 1 (I would like to go to where the action is happening)


you are hella far from everybody else, but k

idk why i havent noted this, but everybody starts with x100 gold and a stone sword

you rolled a 5. you are partway through the forest


What do I do in a creepy forest?

!Grab berries/herbs etc. from forest floor.

What kind of skills do I possess? Could I possibly carve a wooden bow from a stick or something like that?


i mean, the forest has been mostly burned.(blame @Darkman_Bree ) you can collect scrap wood and take it to the weapon smith and sell it, or use it to make the items below:

torch: keeps animals away

you collected: x5 maprico from a lone maprico tree,


!tell village of darkman bree’s murder


unable to do so. you are far enough away from darkman, or the latter, that it would be impossible for you to even know


!Roll 1
!Craft item:torch and burn some shit keep it for later use.


you rolled a 4, you are nearing town #2

you have x1 torch


available actions?