Keep knta busy

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so school started back, and i came up with a thing/ game to keep me busy

so… knta presents…

a stupid DnD ripoff!!

so, there are 113 spaces on the “board”

commands will start with a !. i.e

!roll 1 (rolls one die)

!attack (attack current monster/bandit

!open (opens the chest you’re standing on)

!roll 2 (rolls 2 dice)

i will RNG everything soon as possible.

full commands will be listed soon

at the end of 113 spaces is 1 checkpoint, aka a castle, first person there gets x5 teir 4 chests


!give Darkman_Bree diamond_sword 1


command not found xd

to view inventory, do !view inv


!view inv

             stone sword x1

             gold x100


!use tinkers_construct_smeltery smelt 100 gold


you smelted x100 gold!

the metal smith gave you x1 gold boots, and x1 gold helmet


!tell Metal_Smith “Wtf, I wanted to use my liquid gold to turn into casts so I can get ores to smelt aswell and make better weapons, Where do I file a complaint?”

          the metal smith has pre made molds, return to him to  smelt ores and make items.

                             furnace teir list

                           tinker furnace: smelts your resources to craft a random iten

                          reno furncae: basic ore smelter

                        --more furnaces soon, metal smith needs more gold--


roll a die goddamnit


!use tinkers_construct_smeltery smelt 1 dice


!give Beast_3550 god


Error: Nothing to smelt!?!?! to get resorses from mining and smelt that to create items

you rolled one die YOU MOVED: 3 spaces forwards, you are now in the woods


no,not how this works xd


!use That One Lava Lake to burn entire forest


the forest has started burning




ERROR! number of die not found


!roll 666 die


invalid number. max roll is 4 dice