Is there a like limit in a day?


The title pretty much says it all. I was just wondering if you have a limit to the likes you can get in a day.


I dont think there is a limit on amount you can get, but give, probably.


There is a specific no. if likes you can give…

I do not know the number, but what I do know is that that number goes up by 1.5× every trust level you go up…


oh ok thanks


Yeah, theres a limit for giving like, its 75 likes per day for new user, but idk about other trust level or mods or community manager.


Times 0.5 for Trust Level Member
Times 1.5 for Trust Level Regular
Times 2.5 for Trust Level Leader


Thx alot


When you look at the amount of likes you have given to @himtim


lol now at: