Is the Discourse being shut down?


This is a rumor that i have been hearing for quite a while now. And im sure this is false, but how did this come about?

And is it really being shut down?
Sure everyone is talking about Mar’s demoting, but this is one topic more

@Synthetic can you confirm this rumor?


this site is much better then discord tho



Last I heard of this being shut down was when I made an april fools post about it.

No this site isn’t being shut down as far as I know at least, and I doubt it will be anytime soon either.


Nah, discourse isn’t going down, discord is.

This is a joke, I repeat, this is a joke





Todey is 05/12/17. Discrod has posted on twiter taht thei ar closeing down Discrod. RIP Discrod. (Post dis in 100 more topics to get discrod back and 9999999robux)


Random noob posts this on 100 topics
Noob: Okai, werez mai rubux???
Scammer: Y yuo ask for rubux to me? Ask r0bl0x.
Noob: R0bl0x, gib me mai rubux NAOOOO

Noob and scammer gets banned


It’s true


april fools…?


o shit

bye peeps