Is the character gonna change very soon?


We used to be a character of our own avatar few years ago. I’m wondering if there any update that has to do with the character. It’s pretty boring when your facing the same bald guy (no offense ) except different username.


Every Dev… Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha…NO


Haven’t heard anything about it since mod mailroom last year, and when they added the “In Progress” tab to customization.

I just want players to have at least a different face and skin color, and Maybe a helmet. Anything is better than what we have now.


we need BERETS

and a case for the berets to get sum college money


Don’t give me PlanetSide 2 flashbacks


If they were to actually add a change, they’d probably give em a helmet


does it exist anymore?


I’m wondering what’s your iq and your humour results


Are you serious?


dont do this to me


springint simulator: literally walking around to get money




Meanwhile, I did a post talking about this some days ago, but if I posted it here it may be considered spam IDK

Anyways, you will need some Frutiño to understand so get ready for some DEEEP Reading

You should check all of those out


I think you need to get some help…


No I don’t

I have 3 highs only