Is Scar H a good Battle Rifle?

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So basically I just have one question…is the Scar H a good Battle Rifle. I have been using the Beowulf ECR a lot recently and it has done me some good, for a rank 29 who is about to unlock the Scar H, Battle Rifles have Real potential in my eyes. So I just wanna know… is the Scar H a good battle rifle???

Update: Just got the Scar H today…


i mean its not bad at all but decent its basically in the middle since the recoil is pretty hard to control but with right attachments it can be mastered and used efficiently since i my self turned it into a DMR/battle rifle how i don’t know and don’t ask me


I really wasn’t interested in how you turned to the side of the DMR/Battle Rifle but ok…


good… cause i think its only special to me


Due to the last Scar-H nerf, it is now useless at range. AK12BR is better


shit they nerfed it
well that sucks


It does.


Use my attachements:
Muzzle break
Stubby grip
Green laser(also optional)


Scar-H has the potential to be the best battle rifle
(that’s right Darkman, fight me)


It’s still amazing if you run AP ammo. But I fail to see why you would pick it over AK 103 AP anymore. AP removes the 1 head + 1 body kill potential that used to make it really shine from all ranges.


Is just piece of body shot now is not


the scar H is bad, you’re better off using either of the Fals or the henry


no, it’s good, has good capability in all ranges, save for the farthest of all ranges, or you can just put on PM II and semi-automatic and be a bitch


G3 is statistically better.




Sight recoil sir!