Is Rainsford a moderator?


He didn’t get lvl 666 by grinding the game.All mods are a super high rank that’s unobtainable to distinguish them.SO if you see someone of a absurdly high rank.It’s probably a mod


Well there’s one exception to that.
PostmanSam grinded his way up to rank 435.


he’s a mod too but we dont have to talk about that


The only reason he noticed I was level 666 was cuz I killed him twice with a stock svds from 700 studs out. And he complained about how I don’t have any attachments.


I’m rank 150 and I can barely pull a KDR of 1 in most of my games.


M8 how. Im about 50 and im usually at the top of the leaderboards with a kdr of 2-3


I pull a kdr of 3 on a good day.
1.5 the rest of the time.
Not all of us can be sp_irals and pull a 12 kdr overall.


rip sp_irals


Depends on the sever. Some of the time you meet kids who miss with a shotgun at point blank and others you meet your rival. I once met a level 80 and me and him were at the top of our leaderboards sitting at 50 kills