Is Rainsford a moderator?


I encountered this dude named Rainsford, he was a level 666. He sucked at the game, so I thought he was hacking. I called him out on it and we argued for a bit.
I told him he sucked, and he told me to watch my tone.
I of course said make me, and I got kicked.
I want to know if this dude is a moderator. And if so he is kind of a jerk (to put it lightly) and needs to calm down.



yo you did this?


He a Moderator btw


lmao he is
he was like on his period or something


the rainsford u @'d says his roblox name is Caluptena


and his Discord is Rainsford#8050

he is a game staff in the Discord Server



lol the level 4 was clearly a smurf, i said that too, dont forget that


and as soon as I stopped talking to u for like 5 seconds i took the lead back, u just had ur panties in a bunch cuz i said u were bad


Clearly this is a prime example of someone in their prime age of toxicity and salt.
Whatever happened to being polite and common courtesies?


lmao what do u expect, its roblox. And this dude was playing like garbage, and he is a level 666


are you deadass

Rank means Gun Variety, not skill.


yeah but for real, 666 is way to high to not be half decent, and a little suspicious


He’s a mod. He can change his rank whatever he wants.


u dont think i realized that now lol


but you didn’t realized that Rank doesn’t mean skill


i do, but i wasnt thinking about that then, i was think, why is this dudes level so high, and he is garb, hes gotta be hacking


maybe ask him “Are you a Moderator” next time?




thanks for the help tho, i do appreciate it, no one on the discord thought he was a mod and they pretty much just ignored me