Is Flechette forgotten and very underrated?


I hear a lot of people talking about Saiga-12 with slugs and birdshot but no Flechette ?

This is outrageous!

Flechette is very good with range and accuracy. and yet people use birdshot for wide spread which it’s ridiculous.

I prefer to use Flechette for well accuracy.

But the question is, “Am I the only one ?”


I know I’m not the only one…


I use remington 870 with flechette for the demo shotgun feel


i like my ksg without any type of anmo except default


i use spencil anmo


Flechette can also wallbang


I knew I wasn’t the only one!


I still use it on my Remington 870 actually


I plan on using the DB shotgun with birdshot on burst
though I may use flechette more


I haven’t tried it out, what shotgun should I get it on?


ks-23m or stevens


Ok dad I will…




I use the Remington 870 with flechette and the default suppressor and I go on a rampage on Warehouse with it since the penetration on it is amazing.


same, the flechette turn the saiga-12 into a DMR


i dont think a suppressed shotty is a good idea


Actually, with flechette, suppressor damage and drop doesn’t exist according to the stats. I’m pretty sure this is an oversight.


i thought suppressors increased spread


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