IRL Karambit


I just made a Karambit knife in real life. It’s a practice knife made of foam and paper backed with flexible metal wire. The blade is designed to bend upon impact to be safe.


u scare me


Time to machine a wood one with the cnc router and a file.


and make a sand mold, in which you pour molten high quality titanium alloy to make a metal knife


Too expensive


new karambit. It’s the bigger one and it’s designed to look like the one in PF


Why not just make a real one, or buy a real one.
Like i dont want to be too rude, but why make a knife that cant even cut stuff.




You should paint it, and gloss the blade part.


well if my knife can actually cut stuff it might be illegal and my parents would probably confiscate it for being too dangerous


oh you live in the uk i guess?
Sorry i guess i assumed that you lived in america for some reason.


He lives in Korea


yeah, he’s get in serious trouble then


paint the handle black and the blade and handle ring a bright neon color


oof yeah,
best he dont make it real.

(which korea)


Isn’t it obvious


i mean you never now.


great leader kim jung un will smite you with the nuke


ahh theres my answer.