Infinite Battles


I feel like it would be a very cool idea for Phantom Forces to have two different modes. Classic mode, and infinite mode. Infinite mode is basically a mode where you choose a map to play on and it’s straight up an infinite round, no score or timer. You just…play. This could be really helpful for lower ranks, because they can choose a map they’re good on, and play on that map for as long as they want. Because of course, we all have maps we don’t do very well on, and sometimes it can be frustrating to endure 15 minutes straight of that map.

I’m basing this idea off a glitch that existed a long time back, before the 4th of July update, before the amazing and glorious CTE was taken down.


I read the title and thought you were suggesting bottomless magazines.
A shame.


I had the feeling somebody was gonna expect that.



I mean, this was the game, back in Alpha. Rounds went on forever, and people racked up huge numbers of kills.


Me too lol


When I saw the title I ran off to me room and jumped on my bed.


Puts headband

infinite ammo


This would be cool. A nice plus is that more people will PTFO in the classic modes. If someone wants to only snipe or try trick shots for hours, they can do that in the infinite mode.


keeps playing metro team deathmatch for 6 hours


Xp land.


So you want PF without intermission and with less content?


I just want it to be a selectable mode. So you don’t HAVE to play it.


I know, I’m just saying in concept thats what this is.


Lol 808 kills!! Imagine if somebody got that in a game of Domination with m231 and zip22 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


This is not guaranteed. The rest of the server has to vote as well.

This would work if, and only if, the infinite mode is on a separate game. Had a particular server been given the choice of changing to an infinite mode server, there is no going back, so we’ll eventually see all the servers translate to infinite mode.


After playing infinite quick respawn turbine in tf2 for a majority of my time, something is telling me this is a bad idea…


Ok lets just have Infinite ammo and infinite rounds and have everybody get raped by that M231


I never said infinite ammo mate


well it came up…