In you guy's opinion, what's the best Mosin-Nagant loadout?

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Lemme know what you guys think. I just unlocked it so I’m just wondering what I should use. I do know the ACOG is pretty good though.


Use VCOG. That’s all.


I like to use either VCOG or iron sights


Also the green laser is really good if you need help with noscopes


I Always use ACOG.

I recommend the PU scope when it gets added from the test place.


My fav Moist nugget loadout?



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Reflex, vcog or irons

that is all you need


Before the PU comes out, I use C79 as the sight.


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For me, this is what works best.

VCOG (for dat range)
No Barrel
Stubby Grip (Increases sight and hip accuracy)
Green Laser (More hip accuracy)


i just use vcog
i practice using iron sight sometimes