I'm Streaming on Twitch


Yep, now you will have all your frutiñosity live on stream

https://www.twitch.tv/legitpoodros —> Check it out, I stream (almost) every day


You WILL hear me talking in Spanish simply because I’m not used to talk in English and also because I have no one to talk

If you want me to talk in English, join my voice chat room on the Discord

Also, I’m still learning how OBS works, so don’t expect any pop-ups or chill music.

(I wouldn’t expect any pop-ups either simply because no one subs to me ;-;)

Well, till next time.

I’m out, peace!




I know OBS somewhat well, I might be able to help you.












Time to test my ability to understand a fast Spanish speaker.

Mi cuerpo es listo


“Your body is smart”

That’s what you said

What you should have said

Mi cuerpo esta listo

My body is ready


Forgot about estar, fucc


eres un novato


im offended

I am not a rookie, I just have too much of a tendency to put es where estar should be