I'm Running Outta Post Ideas


Recently I’ve been posting less and less, and instead just replying to posts. If you have any ideas, just post them down here.


Contact shay to add the FAL.
If he refuses, Contact him again.


It seems like both of us are in the same situation here.

Welcome to the out of ideas club


step 3. repeat unitll he accepts


This thread serves the same purpose as this site.



I can always think of new topics due to my endless imagination


slav memes


So your imagination is existence?

I would’ve said the universe if I did know that it actually had a shape, and was not infinite.


If I had an idea for a post, I’d post it myself.


Make a PF theme song, then put the lyrics on a forum thread.


I’m not a music producer…



Hire one



just get a generic beat off YouTube then sing to that.

or put text-to-speech over the beat.


Step 4. Make your own fps game Xd


Step 5. Contact Shay on his discord and spam an earrape version of the roblox deathsound in voice chat until he complies.


I wonder if anybody here is bold AF enough to actually try this…

and as much of a “rush” type player I am



Shay doesnt actually hate the FAL, just saying, his quote was taken out of context


ppl use the quote cus memes