I'm going to say the N word

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nigerfalls lol












nfucking weeb


No homo


Guys I’m gonna say the n word


New Ninja Nuts Now!




__n__o me


N >w<


N-no you! !! !! B-baka!!!


nI actually have a fucking minecraft girlfriend later virgins


Do not say the n-word while on daniels stream for most people its easy but for us it is extreme im very racist! Im a privileged white man theres lots of things about oppression i dont understand i think that everyone is born the same but somehow inside of my tiny white brain i have an idea that im better! So thats why im the privileged male oppresor. Yes i have been privileged since DAY one! Raised in a household where my mum fed me lots of food and gave me lots of love! Because im a privileged white male. Im so privileged im privileged im privileged as fuck im privileged im privileged im racist! Im scum! I dont understand how i can live my life if i wasnt positively white!

This is copy pasted so. Also, If anyone knows the refrence then awesome xd



Why won’t this thread die?


Because n