If you were stuck on a deserted island

  1. A fusion generator.
  2. A electrolyzer to seperate hydrogen and oxygen from seawater.
  3. A machine that converts the user into a semi-corporeal shadowy form and can traverse space and time in infinite possibilities.


flex tape


I know what to do now!

  • SCP-261
  • Duct Tape
  • SCP-2295


SCP 261,like what @meme_s mentioned earlier
A sack of coins of whatever currency so that I can “exploit” Mr unlimited beverage dispenser
My gaming equipment (wifi and all the ship) AhemmyPCisapiratedwindows7enterprisekek

Some of y’all would ask, “newbie, how do you get your power supply?”






The world may be nuked for the most part but some servers are bound to still be up. There’s thousands upon thousands of them underground, if not more.


Tfw nobody cares if I kms’d

Feels bad man


I’m essentially a fucking god at this point.


-Big missile silo converted to be a fallout shelter, which means yes, it is designed to be self-sustainable, so I dont have to worry about picking energy as my 2&3 choice. It will come in handy if a storm comes, or tsunami. In this silo would also includes seeds for different plants and specialized radiation resistant clothings and equipments. Additionally, firearms and protective clothing will be available.

image .


  • Advanced and Durable comm equipment, so I can contact other survivors, this kit would include things like sat phones, CBs, Hams, smartphones and laptops, obcourse wifi is included. Being lonely leads to hallucination.


-Finally, I will need vehicles, preferably long range helicopters or VTOL vehicles, along side unmanned solar-powered drones for recon mission to find survivors. Fuel will not be a problem since these silos store fuels for the rockets, which I will repurpose for my own need.



There you go, this is my intricate plan of surviving on an abandoned island.


.>VTOL for my own personal use
.>Picture of unmanned drone


I got a leggit version of Enterprise kek


a simple man.


are you planning WW3?


if i was legit to be stuck on a deserted island, yeah i’d just bring a gun to kill myself. too lazy to fight for survival and nobody’s there to be affected so, rip me


Supernova oof


Since there’s stuff to cover basic needs like food and shelter…

  • A supply of pencils and notebooks
  • Several musical instruments
  • Device with infinite power supply that can play any music on demand




A book on how to survive on an island.

My family

A machete or something sharp


I realized no one put down your friends or your family people are this cruel


looks at the post above