If you were stuck on a deserted island


What 3 things would you bring? No things that would allow you to escape, and you cannot escape. The rest of the world is nuked and no other place on earth is safe. Ocean around you doesn’t get radiated though. Assume fish and materials are plentiful.

For me…

  • Computer
  • Teepee
  • Solar pannels (weather resistant)


The book how to build a raft


Or infinite food


A portable house with water and electricity and wifi

And my family


How would you do your computer without wifi or electricity? And you would need wires to connect the solar panels

And no food?

Why didn’t you bring your family :frowning:






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how 2 farm likes


Ok so of course some form of getting electricity is required so uh…

  • Miniature nuclear power plant.
  • $1500 gaming computer
  • Distiller

The nuclear power plant has many advantages, like

  1. If it gets cold as hell, then I can use the heat from it decaying to warm up (like the Martian!)
  2. I can use it to create a steady amount power for my little tree leaf house

  • Virtual Universe
  • Mind Uploading Device
  • Mind Destroying Device

  • .44 Magnum
  • Single bullet for .44 magnum
  • Vodka

  • a raft
  • maybe my deepfried meme library since its gonna be a long way


1- A cooler full of ice and water bottles
2- Cup Noodles
3- My phone with my Spotify account still working :tired_face:


why would u need wifi?? assuming that everyone in the world is dead cos of the nuke, wifi is pretty much useless.(unless ur alone and u wanna jack off​:joy::joy:)



I need no 3 things, I only need one!

Approved by Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters

actually make that two, i’d bring a gun with some ammo to kill myself from the torment of isolation for self defence from predators

tmw you realised Cast Away could’ve ended up differently if Chuck had a pallete loaded with duct tape


You disgust me.

  1. Assuming the Island is big enough, I would build a jungle house.

  2. PC gaming equipment (including wifi)

  3. Device for purifying water

I’m not worried about the food. As there are a plenty of fruits and meat there.


im sorry my freind


Power source
A computer
Some WiFi

I’d make a palm wood house and live off fish and coconuts.


No plz bro suicide is never the correct answer!!! Though I know how you feel.