If PF was realistic


The Kriss, M1911, UMP 45 and the MAC-10 would all do nearly identical damage.
In fact, the M1911 would probably be the weakest tied with the MAC-10 due to the short barrel.
The M16A4 would literally be a burst M16A3, with no apparent upsides besides burst fire?


Why is this a new thread though? People have already done stuff like this…


So far, this thread has been identical to
This thread

If you want less of a chance at getting the merge n’ perge, I’d reccomend putting up some different realistic ideas other than guns.


The Stick Grenade would go kaboom.


The Chosen One wouldn’t work


Or would it? :thinking:


This is about PF, why is it in off topic?


hattori would hurt


as val would be a 2 kill gun already


and you’ll suffer from that bleeding


tact spatula would smell like patty


rip me


If PF was realistic killtrades wouldn’t happen as much.
Headshots would 1 shot.
SFG 50 wouldn’t exist


SFG is literraly a sawed-off BFG, its possible you know.


Depending on where you shoot, people will already be dead from at least 1 shot.

2 shots for some peoples

Taking this in mind, that means you can kill 50 people with the M60


rambo with 9mm m60 when


My walk speed when holding a knife would be the same as carrying a sniper rifle.




You may have trouble getting through small spaces with larger guns.


So… if we fall from 10 studs we die…