If COR5 Remake were to happen

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I feel like if they made a remake, they should keep all the original weapons and other shiz in the game to keep it as close to the original, I think the models should be updated to look newer and animations. I loved Cor5 it was a amazing game but I think they should make it were it’s not a clone to phantom forces.


I honestly think a CoR 5 Remake would very simple be Phantom Forces rebuilt and reskinned into a WW2 game. Any WW2 weapons in PF as of now I feel would have no reworks done to them.


yeah, I agree, just, has a different fighting style


i think some rebalancing on the WWII weapons would be needed

when I think of games that revolve around WWII, I think of guns that are slightly weaker than modern ones

y’know, slow down the pace of the game a little


If a CoR5 remake happened, I’d get my SVT-40 back which I have no problems with.


just play Roblox WW2, better than CoR anyway ;o


I looked it up and can’t find it lol. Can i have a link brother?



Call of Duty is just a Minecraft ripoff smh, just like Tetris