Idea: An Actual Soundtrack for PF


inhales some fresh Hoozer


Ok, this time I won’t go in with a crazy intro

Today I want to speak about an idea that came to my mind while in Music Class

What if PF had it’s own soundtrack?

I mean an actual Soundtrack, not just picking random songs (unless it is strictly necessary)

What if Arekan took the time to compose songs for PF?

I mean, if Battlefield 4, CoD Multiplayer and tons of other games have songs for the multiplayer, then why not PF?

Even if Arekan isn’t willing to compose songs or either isn’t availiable to do so, then someone in the community could help with it

Preferably someone with some skill in music related stuff.

Just imagine, spawning in and hear to some sweet electronic music, maybe some rock & roll, or salsa, maybe some reggae or some dank V A P O R W A V E

And when the match is about to end, you start listening to a slowly increasingly louder song that either represents your victory or your defeat, and to wrap it all up, we get some epic ending music

(BF4 influence)

Maybe some dank tunes for the main menu, maybe play some Electric Zoo for 10 hours straight or something and then bash your head against a wall because of dementia or something idk

So, that’s it for today

Hopefully I will remake EVOLUTION son or maybe I’ll post some updates on my map projects

Time will tell

Until Next Time…

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it could work out but we need someone (people) who can make the music and what kind it is but im not really sure if it fits with pf since if we are also making menu music game music and the end game victory which i don’t know if the music is necessary since we just have little to make but what i think should we do is possibly different soundtracks you can put from as like what you said electronic, rock and roll, etc but i rly don’t know how music will fit into pf since music in some games fit well with it i mean like how activision made there own music (perk a colas, songs) and fits very well but for pf it’s mostly a mystery


guuuyss. i exiisssttt. i can try make one if I had the motivation

here’s proof that I can


Orchestral is best game OST.


Why can’t we use garage band?


Good idea, simple way to make music.


Great tune, gives me that upbeat feel.


OOH! Me, take, and I think some other guys were thinking about this. Never went through though.


I mean, I could legit start working on this sorta thing. Composing is kinda fun – the only problem is getting a tune. XD


I play the trumpet sir I can help!!!


I mean, I have a natural knack for music.

OOH, I HAVE AN IDEA! What if teams had unique starting music for EACH MAP?

Like, for Desert Storm we could go for some of that middle east type music, you know what I’m talking about. They have those unique sounding string instruments that are kind of like guitars. Put a bunch of those in there.

It would be the same tune but kind of remixed depending on location.

Hard to put into words, but I hope you know of what I speak.


I get what you mean lol



and to deviate from the norm

why not try using FM synthesis to make the sound
(For those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s basically making the music sound like old Genesis music.)


i’m asian
i can contribute


If roblox could handle the complexity of dynamic music, I would love to see this.

Imagine the music intensify changing depending on when you’re shooting, the enemy is shooting back, or when nothing is happening at all. Imo, that would be pretty cool.
Also, I’d love to see this because it’ll force the devs to actually put in a load screen that isn’t just wait(10).


I want announcers (cod multiplayer).


Don’t we all


"Clear the sector from enemy presence" intensifies


great idea


Shit, we should really do this…