I want a COR5 REBOOT

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CoR5 is gone. As far as we’re aware it’s been abandoned.


Can’t see the image. Hang on a minute.


You can play the maps in a VIP server, but you need to own the VIP


I want the game to work again can I make a reboot of it and give it to lito?


I may remind you that COR5 coding was a mess.


why not use similar pf coding just modify the gui a bit


They’re making a remake with PF aspects




Honestly, all I want from CoR5 that isn’t in PF now is the SVT-40, C96, DP-28, and maybe Gewehr 43 or M1 Carbine. We already have the Mosin, M3, and MP-40; the MG42 exists in the form of the MG3.

And Shay added the maps to VIP servers. So there’s not much else I was really missing.

Of course, having it back for nostalgia would still be sweet.


Should I make a reboot thread?




should I make a reboot thread for the game?
I mean its abandoned does that mean we can make our own


You can. Probably won’t be received very well.


ug I want it back tho is the lito in this web the real lito


Yes, he is.


should I ask him for permission :smile:?


Your account, not mine.


hmph ill do it