I wanna katana


We need a katana. A cool addition would be to have a randomly generated name for your katana.
It would be like a melee BFG. A weapon that one-hits on torso and head and has really long reach but takes time to swing.
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What would also be nice is that you could pick the name (with meaning) from a list on generated names.


And yes, my profile image changed.


Seems like a goddamn good idea, think about the possibilities, and maybe you can even put yourname on the katana in Japanese, that would really be cool.


gasp… YES!

I would be mad if I got a katana called Bob.



They would be Japanese names
Like Shimazu-masamune or Mikazuki-munechika or Jyuzumaru




Would you prefer Bob?


at least bob is easier to remember


Sure. Easy, and vry easy to remember.

Remember this. When you mess with me, you mess with BOB.




If I wanted to play Black Ops 3, I would play Black Ops 3…


fuq those names, ima give a name called Moongduri


Here you go

Moongduri in Japanese


gg m8


I am now going to bring out my inner Samurai and ninja


and im gonna bring out my inner naruto


I’m gonna run bending over, with my arms behind my back


And the weeb thread begins…


Very good tactical strategy. Now just pull the pin out of that grenade you have there and run into that nest camping the hill in Highway Lot.


Bending over while running decreases the chance of getting shot in the head.