I think I have just created a monster


Like, I’m now starting to regret making that post
I actually didn’t expect it to become a hot topic just in 8 hours
I didn’t even expect it to be pinned on the Discord server
And now, it feels like I have just started something
Something that may go into a greater scale
What kind of monstrosity have I just created?


whut is it? Pic pls.


It’s the post he made in Reddit

He also made one here


Full Forum Jacket: the movie


I gave the forum the thousand yard stare


it’s like in the reddit page when he got his lengthy post responded by Shay. He jumped ships to the website.
who’s going to copy-paste shay’s reply here.


ok ill do it since i am a man

"Note: I wrote this while reading through it, not sure if that gives you the best response to the topics brought up, but it’s definitely a more natural response to when they’re brought up in the context they are written. I don’t hold any negative quarrel to OP I’m just responding as topics arise. Please consider that when reading.

FUck, why is this a hot topic all of the sudden, I’ve upped my community involvement 10x… I guess that’s not helped too much. Let’s break this post down a bit.

You may not notice it, but PF is starting to slowly fall into a crisis. A Literal crisis. It’s becoming boring, repetitive and actually the grind is losing its value.

Let me get this clear. I totally agree with you, I think PF REALLY needs a face lift when it comes to gameplay. At the moment it’s really just alternate versions of TDM over and over and over again… This all requires lito in implement though, remember some of us are still in college. Something which can make a game development cycle a fucking nightmare…

PF is starting to die

If your so intent in it dying let it die, I’m really unsure why this is a point. If your bored of the game don’t play it. Honestly it’s something that seems to be not very trivial… I get that somebody might care about the game enough to wait on a update. But it’s something with our limited dev team that takes time. If a better game comes along it deserves it’s spot on the front page. I’m tired of seeing posts like this talking about the game going to shit. If it’s going to shit why play it?

The devs. Those mysterious people that barely even communicate with us when it comes to suggestions that could help the studio.

Literally dedicating like 5 hours a day going through dms and taking/reading community feedback. Although it seems like a simple suggestion, I cant see this statement being even close to the truth… Even small updates take time to implement, and with the point i brought up earlier each dev does there own thing… Making some suggestions impossible to implement if the developer required is busy. Hell, I even am alright (and have been) interviewed on these topics. TBH that’d take less time than typing out bullshit rebuttals like this…

They are in part responsible for the dawn of the PF crisis since they are in charge of creating new content and keeping the existing content updated, fresh and entertaining.

The last major update was 2 months ago… Honestly, I think we’ve been pretty decent at pushing updates from the end of 2017 to early 2018… Think about it the game got 2 maps, new attachments, and multiple weapons updates in that time. I’ll be it the maps didn’t get the best response from people, ammo types got shit on, and the AK12s also get a lot of hate. But really is that our fault that they aren’t considered “new content”. You’ve gotten more updates during the winter months of 2017-2018 than you did in the winter months of 2016-2017.

It may have been born as an accident, but, want it or not, it’s now your responsibility to take good care of your creation. The developers have been slowing down the update rate to aim for a higher quality, and we can’t blame them for that.

Really just slowed down because of school. I think we made this clear when we started development on this game. Lito is in his junior year of an engineering degree. If you don’t feel dead after that year something is wrong with you. This summer will have more “game changing updates” It wasn’t necessarily an accident, CoR was a genuine accident. PF we just never expected to get this big. We at least went into the project with expectations in mind and a game plan. Our main problem i guess is at the end of the day our main problem is however much we update the game PF will still remain PF…

For now, an update for Phantom Forces is only assured to come out by July 4th, as a US Independence Day celebration. Literally any chances of getting an update outside of July 4th are -100%

Not really sure where you got this info from but that’s pretty bull. Sure we’ll push something because if it being a holiday, but really we have more planned than that for the game.

The YOLO ammo, the Hecate II and the SVDS updates were minor updates and didn’t change the game too much. Updates like the Halloween 2017 update are actual updates, since they bring more tools to test on the battle and give us a new focus to use on the battle.

The assumption that “minor” updates don’t take time to implement is pretty insulting tbh… Really we’ll be shipping updates that we’re able to push with a constrained time frame and limited resources… Life effects how much we’re able to update PF. Trying to be civil in this response. As i sited earlier we’re most likely going to see more content this summer. Your also forgetting about how negative of a reception the suburbia map got and still gets from the Halloween update… Really would rather have time to test and refine then give people content that is rather not enjoyed.

Now, I’m not underestimating the effort and dedication that the Stylis crew is putting into Phantom Forces, because I know for a fact that making these kind of things takes a lot of time and dedication.

Thanks for your understanding on the topic of making new content. We have the content, it’s just a matter of getting everybody on the same page when it comes to implementing it into the game. Really is is less of a crisis and more of our normal yearly cycle… Like last year most of its updates came between the months of June and September. I’m not one to put daily player count and revenue ahead of the fact that i’m just hear to make a game I enjoy playing… What’s a game if not a way for us as developers to make something we truly love.

Why is it OK to have an aiming animation that’s directly ripped off from Rambo but it wielding 2 pistols at the same time is a Hollywood trick?

This is a hard one to address, But really it comes down to limitations in animating two guns at the same time (not going to pull some CoD bs) and balancing them would be a nightmare… Giving a player the ability to double there ammo count and double the rate of fire would be pretty game breaking.

The Akimbo thing was my first batch. Then we have the “No more Explosives” prohibition

Really that’s something that was half assed in CTE and really we’d want to see more refined in future updates of PF. But if it’s going to see it’s day in PF it has to be done right… Not only work on yourself when you throw a flash bang or smoke bomb. Issues like those need to be addressed but really will take time to make it into the game. I’m well aware we had models for new grenades the first year of development. Which i lost when my old laptop broke down… Not too big of an issue for me to make new ones.

Then Mori came with the “No auto-shotguns”

Not really sure how you got misinformed on this one. We’re not against the addition of auto shotguns… In fact we planned on adding one with the AK12 update, that is if it didn’t get the negative reaction it did. The AA12 model is really fucked up when it comes to dimensions, something in which I would have to remake the model to fix. It’ll make it to the game as well, once the model is remade or touched up and animated.

But some months later they added the Hecate, which would fall into that list that they said that wouldn’t be taken into account

really only requires a google search"
read that now


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