I did it... 1 year


I have been here a year now. Thank you for all the support in my posts, and you have made me want ot keep posting on this amazing forums website. gg’s


Nice, have fun getting this one:
You have to come online every single day for a full year!

Only 3 of us have it.


oh god



Here are your stats. I don’t think that adds up to a year…

But then here is your join date…Screenshot_20180815-115715


https://gyazo.com/3fd9b3d7e0762b99cf20262c299ad279 what about mine


Yup you’re over a year. More like 2years on the forum according to your profile.


But i dont have that badge sir


Join date is for that badge


Indeed, i am a madman.
I’m a madman who loves all you guys


Considering that like 400 something people have that badge, it’s really not something to be proud of… :man_shrugging: