How to kook in Fantom Phorces

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Recipe: kooked fantoms

Step one. Kill ze fantom with you choice of the folowin: BFG 50, SFG 50, HELLSHIT-II™, or ze M60

Step two. Khop him up with ze kleaver

Step three. Start a fire to kook by lighting Wearhouse on fire with the Muzzle gas temp of any 50 kal Gun

Step four. Use a taktikal frying pan ( still to be added) to kook and flip halfway with ze taktikal spatula

Step five. Garnish with 50 kal bullet casings and M60 kasings.

Step siks. Top with and ifone siks and serve rotten.




I had nothing to do so I did this…


double oof


You forgot to tenderise the Fantom with a Trench Mace Sledgehammer



You also forgot the sides, fhantom with slug shells and birdshot pellets


One whole FRAG to garnish


This is only ze first recipe…


Can you teach me to cook a Ghost in zip sauce?


Lightly stim a Ghawsht in a pot. Then khop the Zhip into fine slices

Garnizh ze Ghawsht with the Zhip and use salt to taste


Coocced ghost

  1. Use a shotgun and use birdshot
  2. Use a stick grenade or sledge hammer to smash them in to a mash
  3. Then 1 frag to garnish
    Time for the sides
  4. Equip a bfg with bt
  5. Chop them up with cleaver
  6. add 1 frag to garnish