How does someone get the Reader badge?


How does someone get the Reader badge?


Get your computer and just stare at the screen


lol xD real funny


you have to read every post that has more than 100 replies. you can just quickly scroll either , i think theres some form of detection on whther or not you just scrolled down or read. now an easy way to find all of the post that have 100+ replies is sorting all threads by most replied to.

there might be more out there than whats listed by this gif. i think you also need to change the time setting

hope this helps

woops. just read every reply on any ONE topic with 100 replies
easiest read would probably be the insert title thread because it’s just memes.


Yes! We are just in the middle of a meme war XD.


ttrue that my man



I bet this sight looks alot nicer on a computer than a phone