How do you get tags?


Hey, I was just wondering, does anyone know how to get tags in Phantom Forces? I know this is embarrassing because I don’t know, but how do people achieve those colored tags in Phantom Forces?


Tags are given out by moderators and aren’t given to everyone.


You get tags by:
-Being in a CPFL clan
-Be a Moderator or a Admin
-Be an Alpha Tester

  • there might be more but idk…
    There you go!


Nope, that’s all of them.
Alpha Tester


i have a tag and its because im a alpha tester


That’s not exactly true.

Mods can assign tags to whoever they deem worth one.

But adding to that list would be a YouTuber tag.


Give PoKe the BT tag or Skr00b tag pls


Not giving him any tags at all.




True. I forgot about that! Thanks!


I have a question, can u buy tags. Like “Banshee” and “XE”



yes the body is clear shut the fuck up site


Dude that’s literally about a year


omg guys its xd and big mean