How did you come to play Phantom Forces?


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Let me tell you me story so I started playing roblox since I was bored so I found jailbreak and liked it Plz no hurtso then I got bored and I found of but I joined and couldn’t move at all so then I quit and started playing jailbreak again then a friend at my school said he played roblox and said he played pf so I Reyes it again and then I could move! So me and another friend started playing and I got ok when I unlocked the clot lmg so then I found the scar(I was always better than my friend and always related him)l so I started getting good when I found the scar h I was then from that point a Pro


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I actually came to play Phantom Forces when it stopped being paid-access. Something around late 2014. It seemed enjoyable so I kept on playing it until the actual game dropped. Before PF I was hoping between Base Wars(The pure BF experience for people like me cuz im poor af) and Hex (My poor man’s Halo) and a lot of different games. When Phantom Forces came out, I started to rank up crazily.


It’s actually mid 2015


Sorry, my memory sucks


Short story here.

At the time, I was playing CoR5 and Paintball just because there was nothing else better for me. Roblox was pretty boring at that time.

I was a follower of Lito’s YouTube a bit before the Phantom Forces update videos, and that’s where I noticed the first video of PF’s development. I became really interested when the 2nd and 3rd update video arrived, and that’s when I started saving up robux for it. A few weeks later, when the game was available, I bought the early access Alpha and bam. Here I am.



I played games me and my friends liked when we we’re on Roblox and not Minecraft or TF2, these we’re commonly Natural Disasters Survival, Apocalypse Rising,…

The first start

Idk when this happened, I presume before the M231 was added. (Beta)

My friend invited me to play “a game like Apocalypse Rising”, which is Phantom Forces, I am someone who has a hard time trying new games.
I went on a bit, observed the weapon I wanna spawn in with, I went for the M4.

Then when I spawned in, I remember it was Highway Lot, I still used the arrow keys to move, which in PF is harder to use than WASD, sprinting was also impossible for me that way.

I died many times but I could make kills, I could handle the Burst M4, but I looked for excuses to not play again…

The second start

Same friend invited me again, this was after M231’s release, I remember that, I actually never searched PF’s name before, so when I saw what my friend invited me to, I didn’t know he tried to bring me back.

(Note that my friend was around Rank 20 at that time, and another that sometimes joined over 50)

So yeah, there was I again, back into that Phantom Forces game, I think it was Highway Lot once again.

I grabbed my M4, still using arrow keys, I actually made some kills with it, I was satisfied, I also looked around all weapon catagories, finding weapons from Apocalypse Rising or GTA’s I liked, Like AKM, AK-47, G36, MP5, SCAR-L,… Also, I recognised a gun when I stole it from the ground from The Walking Dead, the AUG A1, a big villain, the Governor used it often, And I found that gun an interesting look.

It was decided, I stayed for another excuse: “I just want to unlock all weapons, okay?”
That quickly changed when I was no living the game, It took me over a year to get all weapons. (This was before Hecate was added)

The progress

I always started with the M4, it was a great starter weapon, I took it over the M4A1 that my friend wanted to give me, but I wanted an Automatic Assault Rifle, that’s where the AK12 became unlocked, I used it much better, then the AN-94 came, I used it for a while. It was another Burst but I quickly found the Auto function, but it was annoying to switch everytime.

I did try the other weapons, MP5K was kinda weak for me, M60 was too hard to use for me, Intervention was fine.

My friend told me the SCAR-L was a perfect starter weapon, when I unlocked it, I agreed, But I took the AUG A1 above the SCAR-L and the AUG HBAR above A1, HBAR became my main weapon.
I made so many HBAR kills that I unlocked the BT and equipped it as a throphy and dark scanner (for Highway Lot hill area)

During a round of Metro, I found the MG36 on the ground, cool weapon to use, I noticed the Drum mag from Apoc, That was the first weapon I was aiming for, but I forgot the name, omg xd.

And yes, the time came… My friend told me about the BFG 50, dealing 105-100 dmg back then, I… I…
No… I can’t… Oh no… Yes… I did…
Around Rank 35 I… I… bought it with saved credits… with BT… sniff, so ashamed… It was my main sniper. sniff

I can’t just write everything so I’ll list all guns that I mained:

  • M4 (Starter)
  • AK-12 (After M4)
  • AN-94 (After AK-12, Went back to AK-12 later)
  • SCAR-L
  • AUG A1
  • AUG HBAR (Main for a long time)
  • FAMAS (Not very long)
  • MP5
  • MP10 (Alot)
  • L85A2 (Only in Base Luna)
  • Remington 870 (Only in Metro)
  • AUG A3
  • AK-74
  • Deagle .44
  • Serbu Shotgun
  • TEC-9 ( Still main Recon secondary to this day, will be replaced by incoming MP1911)
  • SR-3M
  • SKS
  • RPK74 (Main)
  • AG-3
  • MP5/10
  • BFG 50 (sniff)
  • Mosin Nagant
  • Obrez (I love this, main Scout secondary)
  • M231 (Personal favorite)

And then gun updates started to drop.
K I stop now.