How did you come to play Phantom Forces?


i know right!?! you and me are like the same way XD.


I played cor5 until it died. Then I found pf. Then I played some and liked it. Then I was totally lost after it came out of beta. Then I gradually became a pro. At rank 40 or so my kdr became positive. That is also the time I started really recking. I fianally tryed all that crazy parkor. I finally got it at rank 70 or so. I am currently rank 78


I was roaming the roblox top rated about 2 years ago, the only shooters I played then were paintball and mad paintball 1 (when it was still really good). I personally disliked call of duty and battlefield so when I first saw games like phantom forces, I just ignored it. Soon I decided to play a single round…

I hated it.

It was the worst game I had played; not in the sense that it was poorly made, I was just really bad at it. I was playing games that were 0:20, I had felt that it was impossible to get kills. After 5 rounds, I stopped playing and decided to never play it again.

many months later

I decided to play it again, I was hearing rumors that city mall and metro were getting an overhaul and there was also a new space map coming. About this time is when I joined the discord. From those days, I’ve been playing phantom forces and talking on discord about everything from the new loadout screen to how trash Luna base was.

Sometime after becoming a regular on discord, I decided to find out about what was going on in the official forums. I’ve been here for about 220 days now.

Sadly, even though I’ve been playing for about 1-2 years, I’m only rank 90. I’ve just recently started getting good at the game, before then, I was forced to rank up by people spawning on me. As you would expect, it was a painful grind. I went from a kdr of 0.32 to 1.15. It wasn’t the greatest experience, but meeting such great people in the discord/here kept me playing, making me determained to get better. If it wasn’t for either the discord and the forums, I would have stopped at rank 10.

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Eh, I guess you could say we are your motivation :stuck_out_tongue:


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It all started with mp5k and I play very badly at this game. lots of death more than kills but sense I was around rank 70 or more, I’m starting to stay alive more often sense the suppressor helped me out to get a lot of kills and so does kdr. Now I’m rank 230. I’m doing pretty well. Some deaths around 3-7. Mostly getting more than 50 kills.

My kdr was 1.04 sense I was rank 36 ( I don’t remember sadly but I was around 1 kdr).

Now I have 6.09 kdr by playing the game carefully.

This game is worth getting skilled for playing this first person shooter.

Don’t get me wrong, the space map is quite fun.


Good revive here! Nice to hear your story Mr404.

I have been into TF2 for 2 years and switched to CSGO, BF4, and then BF1 in the past year. I saw a cool looking game in Steam called Battlebit but had unfortunately missed the open testing period.

Battlebit has a low-poly look that looked pretty awesome, and in one of the gameplay videos, there was a comment that mentioned Phantom Forces. Funny how I had never seen this game mentioned, but it is a hidden gem. It turns out that Battlebit is a lot more serious and not as fast-paced as PF — i.e. you need voice comms to talk with your squad; it takes minutes of careful walking to reach a combat zone; and you don’t regenerate health.

The graphics look amazing in Battlebit (like a PF but a way smoother engine and with better shading), but it looks like a big commitment to play, so I was happy to find PF so satisfying. BF1 was a lot of fun, but there was enough BS spawning, team imbalances, and vehicle nonsense that PF really beats it.


Thank you


I started playing on those rare occasions where the alpha was free for like a weekend too much loading screens so not alot of experience then:
I was a M60 noob through and through.I stayed like that until i picked up the L86 LSW. And randomly I STARTED DOING GOOD like #1 on leaderboards every time.Beating lvl 100’s back in the day when it was impressive to be lvl 100.
And uhhh yeah here i am from barely 1 KDR overall to almost 3 KDR overall.


The demo was open.


Long story.

So I was searching on the App Store because I was bored af and I came across this game called “Roblox”. I downloaded it, created an account and played a few games on it. It was shit (as always) and I promised never to play Roblox again (and stick with Black Ops 2). Almost a year later, as my account was already registered, I miraculously remembered my password and logged in to Roblox on my old PC. I saw “Phantom Forces (Beta)” in the “Popular” section of the home screen but I sticked to playing Work at a Pizza Place (and several other games I don’t remember). I assumed Phantom Forces was another shitty Third Person Shooter. Until one day, I tried out Phantom Forces. I literally threw the Black Ops 2 disk out of the window. It didn’t break on impact, so a random hobo picked it up to throw it in the bin, and shot me a dirty look. I cringed. Even as I became one of the worst rank 100s purely because of my playtime per day, I was in love with this game. I only stopped playing for months when I got Battlefield 4. Even then, Battlefield 1 and Need For Speed 2015 didn’t stop me from having ridiculous hours spent on this game every few days, tweaking and customising my weapon as if it was an M3 GTR (no seriously, that car is awesome).

The End

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A year ago i noticed that phantom forces became free, and i was bad af, But i got the as val later yay, it was my fav gun that i actually did good with, around rank 30 or 31 i started maining the inter.

at rank 57, i bought a bfg 50 (which i still really regret. Holy sheet, i was a serious tryhard.) and at rank 72 i bought the right gun (moist nugget, duh)

at september 7th i got rank 100 (cause i hitmarkered a rankup trickshot and a sec later a teammate spawned on me holy guacamoly with ravioli)

I am rank 115 rn

The end k bye

What u looking at, dummy? The story is up there.


Interesting that this thread came back after so long.

I used to play CoR5 all the time and heard about PF pretty god damn early. Played a few versions of it with lito during the initial tests back when I used to talk with him, and have just been on and off playing since then.


How I found PF

It all first started with the Roblox knock-off version of Battlefield, titled…

Well, uh…


That was my very first FPS game and tbh it was sick for a time like that (it was 2015, I can still remember it)

So then meanwhile, I was just playing Avionics, Base War (total cringe now), Work at the Pizza Place (I went on a nostalgia spree, can tell you the game changed alot).

Then out of curiousity, I wanted to know what Phantom Forces [Beta] is. it just came out as beta anyways. So I tried it

Hell yeah

And that’s where my career started. It been 1 1/2 years now, and I can still remember using the KSG 12 only up till rank 9, where I switched to the MK11 and later, the SKS

In my personal standards, I was really good back then with a DMR.

Then here I am, Rank 113 with a bullshit KDR of 1.7.


Back in 2015 I was paying roblox and found it in like a month after free release and played it… got to rank 25 on my old account before accidently giving away my password ( robux scams ) lost the account and made a new one… got to rank 29 ish and quit for half a year ( from after the base luna massacre ) then came back in September and found this website where I can complain about all the shite goin on in pf…
I haven’t played in a week or I would be rank 50 at least ( got addicted to a game on roblox called swordburst 2 and technically finished the whole game in 2 weeks…)
Time to get grinding again…


It started on base wars

Just one normal day
Some random kid keeps saying PF is cancer in base wars, I asked him/her "Dude what’s PF"
He/she said "its an fps game that is very ######"
Me: "PF as in???"
Him/her:“just don’t play this cancerous game, phantom forces”

The next day, I went to search up on phantom forces

I was hooked up at this game

And soon I forgottened about base wars and focused on PF

Looks like that kid is wrong about PF


I first saw TDM’s PF youtube vid when it first was uploaded(I used to be a fanboy and didn’t know about ROBLOX at the time). I downloaded ROBLOX on my Xbox One, played PF Console and enjoyed it until it stopped getting updated for whatever reason, got to rank 57 and at that point I had nothing to do, so I quit while trying to find modded versions which tbh I regret ever since I met Vernando. Me and Vernando were friends for 4 months while he was ‘developing’ a stolen version of PF Console. The only reason why I supported and became a mod for his game(I don’t want to tell you the name since it is a stolen version of PF) was because I didn’t have a PC to play the updated PC version of PF. It turns out that Vernando has lied to his fans and yatta yattta yatta. Me and him are never going to talk again after we found out that he really wasnt a scripter at all and depended on other’s work to get popular. I’ve learn countless lessons after I realised what I have done to that kid since he later started stealing more games. What he was doing was wrong from the start. NEVER support or play any stolen copies of PF or any game. So yeah, that’s my dramatic beginning story of my PF adventures.

Now let’s talk about the time I finally got my gaming laptop to play PF and ofc AAA games outside ROBLOX. My main focus is PF. I became a fan of Stylis Studios. I am very impressed on the progress they have made since Alpha. PF is no doubt the best game on ROBLOX.
The End, written by me lol


Alright, seeing that ghis topic has been revived, I figured I’d tell my story.

The first time that I knew about roblox was through some youtube vids, my brother was also hyped up on playing it to, so I decided to make an account.

I went into the site, and look up games that were in popular. I generally avoid any games that isnt gun-related, since I know how cringy role play games are. So I was scrolling the popular section when a game appeared in the corner: Phantom forces [Beta] I load up the game, played a few round and was suprised because I was actually doing quite good at it. I was playing quite a few COD games at that time, but they were no match to PF. I have been playing PF ever since, a few months ago I did stop playing for a bit since I was waiting for my new gaming laptop for arrive, but now that I have had my stuff sorted out, Im playing again, though my sniping skill has gone to actual shit, literally, I even mistaken the space bar for the hold breath button, and always ended up hitting the fucking sky instead of heads…

RIP Old Snip4life-2017


I came to roblox playing the old COR5 when it was dieing out so slowly,
then I played some survial game similar to apoc.
When phantom forces was on beta I immediately joined to see how good it was.
Been playing since with a few breaks.


I ran into when it was in the Pre-Alpha demo version. Played until it went to paid access. I planned on buying it the day it came out for free. I was a pretty bad player until around rank 50. Over a year later, and at almost rank 155 I’m going on strong.