How did you come to play Phantom Forces?


Most of the users here[On Stylis-studios] are Phantom Forces pros. But, we all had a start. What is your start? how did you get from being the Nooby-Noob, to being the Godliest Pro (Or how you got here?)

Uhm, Logic?

Friend got me robux and said you should try phantom forces when it was on paid entry. Hard game at first but you know my experience increased over time as well as game knowledge. Then i learned about quickscoping so i became a sniper main for a while.


saw some youtube
and found PF
special thanks to @AgentJohn2. :3
rank 51! :smiley:


I clicked on that PF Thumbnail out of curiosity…

Wham, here I am…

Almost my 1 yer Anniversary of playing PF and yet I’m still Rank 45 ;-;

I expected to be at least rank 60 by now…


I had taken a break from roblox for roughly a year, so I decided to check how my then favourite game was doing, CoR5. I stuck to CoR for a while, when I started noticing people talking about Phantom Forces. I kinda ignored it at the start but then my curiosity for the game grew so I checked it out. From there I kinda just stuck to PF.


I See Phantom Forces Demo in Popular selection
Then i play it
But, it come to Beta
I am so Noob in Phantom Forces
I training Sniper 5 weeks


I would play it when they did those open weekend things and I would kick ass, and then I waited till it went free.


I have a long story. When I was a half-noob on Roblox ~2015, I was playing an old-school Roblox FPS called Paintball!.

I found enjoyment in this until one day, I saw a new game called Phantom Forces Beta. I was curious so i played it. I looked at the graphics for one second and I couldn’t speak. About 1 minute later, I quit, angry because I couldn’t hit a damn player. I swore to myself I would NEVER return to the game. But a few months later, my cousin found Phantom Forces and was already Rank 5. I wanted to get ahead of him because I didn’t want to be the less-skilled cousin at FPS games. So, ironically, I returned. I played. My very first few matches, I got a record high 6 kills (Noobish, right?) By the time I got the AK-12, my cousin was well on his way to the AN-94. But one day, I received the weapon that forever changed my skill: The MP7. Immediately my KDr was slowly rising and I was becoming better at killing. I eventually got the An-94 (which never helped) But when I got the R870 and R700, I began to speed FAR ahead of my cousin. Eventually, I increased my skill everyday in the summer of 2016 and got to Rank 50 before the start of 8th Grade. To this day, I am Rank 85 and my cousin (who is Mad4CraftingXD Btw), is ~Rank 42.


So, I really wanted to play an FPS game, but I didn’t want to pay for one, because my computer is crap and it likely wouldn’t work very well anyways. One day, I was watching youtube, and I saw one of my favorite minecraft youtubers (when I was into Minecraft lol) play a game call Phantom Forces. I saw a gun in the thumbnail so I watched it. I thought that it looked pretty good and I would try it out. I made a roblox account and tried playing it. (This was around the end of the summer), maybe 3 weeks left before school started) I sucked. It was my first fps game, so for my first 15 ranks or so, I thought that 10 kills was pretty good. Then I got the Aug a1 which was revolutionary. I got better and better. By level 30, I had finally raised my total kdr above one. It was also around this time that I told my friend about the game and he played it with me. Because of this, I kept playing and I kept getting better. Despite my terrible computer, I was getting really good. At level 50, I really started getting kills. I would rank up most days and I could do well with most guns. Now, I’m rank 84, and going strong.


U got ur KDR up above 1 at Rank 30?! It took me until Rank 84 to do that…


True true!



Let me guess…


When i saw that video, I cringed on how unskilled Dan is…
But it’s reasonable as he never played FPS games before…

And this is why we need a mini tutorial


oh shit DanTDM!? Why must you remind me of his HORRIFYING skills at Phantom Forces?
I saw him play for 2 minutes and said “no, no,no…”


Well i say the game and was wondering what it was. I was board on none of the games were that much fun. So i tried the game out and love it. I was so bad at first. I thought that just because a gun or attachment was higher up it was all ways good. It also took me a while to learn how to run XD. So imagine me walking everywhere. Supper bad at sniping too, but to this day that might be one of my best and i’m still getting better!


When I began, I had this random obsession with suppressors, and ironically when I started, I knew how to run, aim, use frags, and melee.


When I was a noob, I would use m60 ( pls dont hurt me) ;-; and kill myself with nade my old account barely reached 1.6 kdr ;-;


lol at least you learned some things quick.


I don’t remember well, but I think my playstyle when I was a total noob, the moment I got the KSG12 , I began my life playing Objectives and Rushing until i found the AUG A1…

But as a rank 0, i think I started off as a sniper…

I never used the M60 simply because it makes you slow

And i ain’t gonna hurt you =P


Gwarsh, when I first started playing PF, I used the M4 when it was automatic. My accuracy was horrid.


I was always an Assult or scout. I never tried sniping until my grubby hands got the R700. Today, I am the most deadly marksman to some people ( I get quite a few LOOONG RANGE shots if ya know what I mean >:]) When they added the red hit mark for headshots, I got sooo happy…