Hilarious chats?


Nope, no illuminati here…

Lol i just remembered a chat…

Some guy: Any knows how to make my sniper automatic?


You could always infinite fayde it, but it won’t be proper auto…
It cam become Semi auto, one shot spray or 3 round burst.


New one ready ? Gets a 8 man feed and then this happens
XvenomXZ: Bruh Aimbot much
Me: Uhm No just good
Xvenomxz: nope i think that was hax
Me: 1v1 me then if you think its hax
…Makes vip server
This guys level is 172
Gets him like three times each a legit headshot
XVenomXZ:Ok i think im wrong trying hard tho
Me: Maybe but im still good tho lol
He ended up killing me twice or three times
ME 26 or 22 times i think


Reviving thread…

There’s this level 100+ complaining about me being bad
I don’t specialise in sniping, but I can hold my own.


lmao noobs these days


Lol a 112 calling a 150 noob…


Not7ces triple collat OwO


I once got a triple collat with the Krispy Vector


I got 3 triple collats with the Vector, one on the first day


Someone asked me for a 1v1 so i joined him and called my friends over so it will be fair (everyone vs me) :stuck_out_tongue:


and then he left


so these guys wanna role play…


A war zone is not a roleplaying zone :confused:


A video game is not a war zone


It is now





Holy sheet I saw that guy before and he said the same thing to me!

I spawn camped him.


He seems familiar?

Yeah, all salty kids look familiar…


[SomeN00b420] SHOTGUN FAG
[AnotherN00b69] Get a life hacker. Imma report for a perma ban and get your account deleted.