Hilarious chats?


When you look at the size of this topic…:astonished:


I was using my DM…nooops I mean LMG RPK doing good with it, tapping on everyone like it was CSGO, then I killed someone
Salty31: Hacker
Salty:He killed me when I was in the ground…(office interior)
Me: ?
Salty31: yur using aimbot
Salty52: Nice hax
Salty52: how do you know where we are?
Salty31: /votekick:hellside
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Me: wow
Later at the end of the match
Me: gg 86 kills
Salty31 yea right you hack
I leave the server because the lag spikes were insanely annoying


Whenever I see these kinds of conversations, I like to think that they know I’m too good for them, but they just don’t want to admit it…


No it leads to a lone man with his VSS vs the UMP45, (Any gun that people find annoying)


I hate it when peoples say I HACK when I use the VSS , I dont hack with my VSS you get in the way of my bullets a lot


I used the UMP45 on a server today, reakted ppl so hard that even a rank 95 thought that I was hacking.


Ah, yes, the UMP45. The gun that for some reason has less recoil than a lot of 9x19 Parabellum weapons, even though its .45 ACP.

.45 is substantially larger than 9x19, but balance > realism.


If i was that Rank 95, I would just think you’re really good than average…

Unless i can clearly see you’re hacking…

Put that aimbot away…



Lol: “my dad is officer Roblox”, I call bullshit on that.


Those special kinds of kids who believe they can bluff their way into getting rid of good players…
1: Checking their profile should expose their lies
2: The person wasn’t capitalising the first word’s first letter in each post
3: Using “u” instead of “you”.


Don’t assume lack of grammar means someone is stupid. In a video game, I don’t always have time to type perfectly and oftentimes, internet shorthand like “u” is just an easier option.


The first one tho…

Nice burn/roast you good there XD


Sometimes you have to play dumb, to not be dumb


If you overdo it, it is annoying.
Those people who do that are generally worse off than others anyway


oi should i post the chat after my 15 man feed with m60?


Yeah! If it’s funny…


To revive the topic, I will tell you my experience with a immature kid today, this started after I realized that Im the best player of the previous round ( in literally everything, kdr, got most and least deaths, highest score)
"After seeing the scoreboard…"
Me: Damn…Im the best one …
Kid: STFU youre not the best!
Me: Yes I am, look at the scoreboard m8.
Kid: Prob. just luck.
"After being the best player again the the second round"
Kid: Sniping is for noobs only!
Me: saw you with a Rem700 just a few seconds ago m8…
“Kid said nothing…”

-Next round

“Kid got killed by a guest holding M60 ( the guest is actually a pro)”

Kid: M60 is for noobs
Me: hes not a noob
Kid: hes a guest so hes a noob
Me: judging by his way of playing, hes actually a vet in a guest disguise.
Kid: M60 and BFG is OP
Me: BFG is statistically speaking the worst gun in the game.
Kid: BFG is cancerous!
Me: you are cancerous
Kid: ur mom is cancerous
"Some other kids said: burn!“
Me: yeah stop using the ur mom thing because it shows that you are immature and is obviously triggered, you are not the type of person who deserves to play this game, go back to COD.
Kid: Which type of person deserve to play then?
Me : the type of person that isnt a stubborn kid.
” Kid disconnected from server"
Me: lol

I dont have a pic of this because I forgot to take a pic, but this really did happened.


Hmmm, something is suspicious…

And did he mention that

Wow, kid…
I’m impressed by your level of intelligence…

Saying M60 is nooby but then claiming it was OP…



Nothing suspicious here, this is legit.[quote=“MrGarfield26, post:160, topic:1448”]
And did he mention that
He did.