Hilarious chats?


The people that can’t face the truth: they suck shit at the game.


I think I was in this lobby with you.


gumme those 20$ $$$$$$$$$$


I ignore the chat half of the time so i never know when they are funny lol


This person was calling everyone on the opposite team n00bs, because he got spawnkilled.

I told him to stop complaining. He replied with the classic “n00b” insult.

Not shown on the screenshot, I added “Says the guy who has 4k score”.
He immediately shut up & played the game like a sensible person.


once saw a rank 81 using the noob cannon. This one time this guy thought i was using an aim bot, i’ll try to set up the chat as i it was:
Complainer: Zombie is using aim bot
Me: Proof?
(i think there was some small other stuff in here but i can’t be sure)
Complainer: I was at point blank range and i jumped over you then you killed me!
Me: Yeah i turned i turned around and killed you
Then he just continued to be cranky…lol


Do that all of the freaking time, i often got the normal hack and aim bot thing. This one time this guy was complaining that people were hacking because he kept dying some thing like that and i just said: “Then get good.” Roasted


I’m quite surprised that I actually do not get any noobs claiming that I used hacks…

Or at least, nothing to do with aimbot or the recent teleknife hack (That’s right! I gave it a name! Fight me if you disagree…)

I’ve been accused of going through the arm of the crane, even though everyone knows you can…

Happened to me twice, and that is why I never camp on the crane ever again…

unless I have to resort to it…


On one Crane Site KOTH I was being that guy who sprays pain with a high-capacity gun.


How many kills?


I went 46-1 that round, the enemy team wasn’t really coming for the hill.


Well if it ever does happen it’s kinda annoying but most people will just kinda ignore it or agree with you, sometimes the whole server goes against you.


Most hilarious for me would be this

NubbySkrubby(not real username): Lol im so good at this game im best on my team.
( I double collat him with mosin)
Nubby: U got lucky Im gonna kill you now.
( i find him He sees me tries to shoot me misses, and i no scope him and his corpse just sits down sorta)
Me: sit down bruh you miss me by 200 studs XD
Nubby: Hax HAx hax
me: ( kills him again while he’s looking at me) What were you saying buddy?
Nubby:( leaves)
Me: and this is why we hate skrubs like him


A skrub’s definition of pro…

pls dont kill mi ;-;


y bruh why



Love the chat, love the meme! I think that I’ll try to make a meme on my next post in this topic.


nice meme :wink:


[details= In a nutshell… (click me!) ]
True noobs = don’t even know how to check scores and ranks by pressing Tab…

Thus, it leads to people calling you “noob”…

Which leads to a flame war…

Which then leads to an M60/BFG/HBAR war…

Which after that they call you a hacker…

Which then, I recommend, you leave the server…



lol, first try to kick their buts though :wink: