Hilarious chats?


Dragunov can be spray if you have trigger finger.


Well i know about that but i don’t really see that as spraying.


I call that spamming.


yeah, back on topic.


Back on topic it is!


Love it when they do the same with me. I like to help all players out!


Me too, but the kind of person I often meet is hack accusing noobs. Hazzzz…:weary:


You can’t really “spray” using the SVU based on personal experience…

Mainly because of its low RPM.

But what is a bad idea is hipfiring without proper attachments…

And that’s where the VCOG, Vertical Grip and Suppressors come into action


I dont hip fire often, but when I do, its with the rem 870 and the asval.


Thank you for saying that! it was getting annoying anyway…back on topic.


This person was trying to stop me from using the Remington 870 because he used it on the previous round…


wow that is so stupid lol.


lmfaoooo people these days :joy:


Lol stupid kids don’t even know how copyright works…

In fact, Remington themselves copyrighted R870


There was this level 100+ guy called “Zycther” who said:

“Ew, RPK.”

Then after a short while when I came onto the server, he said:

“Wow. I’m out.”

Following him were 3 other rank 100+.

Did I make them leave, or were they scared that they would lose their winning streak after I joined the other side?


Apparently they hate the RPK, but it isn’t as bad as the M60?





They hate the RPK?

Ha, I guess it’s because of it’s lesser recoil & “spamming” nature.

If that happens, I switch to the RPK74.


yeah it’s kinda not the best but oh well.


2 people were triggered after I joined a server.

One of them (Can’t see the name on the chat log) was a rank 59, & he was triggered after I lowered his 12 KDR down to 3. He said “This is war.” to me. XD.

Then this guy (loahlyn56789) got triggered & told me to shut up.
Knowing this was going to be funny, I said I was recording the chat log for use in this topic.

"No one cares" he said.

You cared enough to continue rambling on by replying back to my statement.

I don’t mean to trigger people, but I guess my level was too high for them.